Monday, October 31, 2005

It's Halloween and the goblins are grazing

I just got in from the cold. I was standing in a parking lot handing out candy and what we call Trunk-or-Treat. Our church sponsers it and we went through about six hundred dollars worth of candy in 2 hours. Can you believe that! The scary part is that all those kids go to school somewhere tomorrow and we teachers are going to have to be the ones to deal with the sugar highs and crashes. I had better get my game plan on. I will have to have something really good to keep them engaged. There were a ton of little ones out there. They are so cute. In particular was a little girl dressed as a devil. She had all this red ruffled stuff on and she was adorable. There were also lots of Mr. Incredibles (one of my favorite characters) and I noticed a lot of princess fairies.

All that brought back one particular Halloween. It must have been about 37 years ago and my cousins were up visiting. They lived in a very rural part of NC and had never been Trick-or-treating. Mom and Aunt Janice got busy and quickly fashioned a quartet of ghost costumes. The thing I remember most about them is that for some odd reason, that only those two women know, we all had these little pointed ears. I must have thought it was different, because I remember it in particular, but it was a fun night. I don't remember the candy, but I remember loving being with Donna, Carla, and Vanessa. Too bad we can't go back and do some of that again.

I can't believe that I haven't written in so long. I won't even try to catch up, but a few highlights of the past month are that school is going well. We are already through with the first quarter. It is flying.

Dan, Claire, Campbell and I went on a hike a couple of weeks ago. It was wonderful. We took the dogs and went to Dupont State Forest. I hadn't been up there in years. We all had a good time. Claire decided she was ready to go about halfway, and so we had to listen to her complain for a while. We were walking up a pretty steep hill and she said, "I'm done." Even though we were about an hour from the car, she wanted to quit. So, we listened to her for the rest of the time. The scenery made it worth having to listen to the whining of a 13 year old. She has vowed never to go back. What do you bet she does...

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