Friday, October 19, 2007

Just Winding Down

It's Friday. Another teacher is on my roof cleaning out my gutters. Seems sad that he has to do that to make enough money to support his family, but I am glad he is available. I will be going back to school to get ready for Monday. It will take several hours. I would rather do it tonight than have to go on Sunday afternoon. I get blue enough when I have nothing to do but enjoy the day and the thought of Monday creeps in.

Tomorrow I am taking my first horseback riding lesson. I have posted some pictures of my daughter on her horse. She is great. I have been on one, but never enought to get the hang of how to make the monsters do what I want. I just kind of hang on, bounce around, and laugh at my lack of control. I got new paddock boots for the occasion. Any occasion to buy a new pair of footwear is good. If I had lots of cash, I would have a closet full of shoes. Some of the other moms of the girls at the barn are going to take lessons too. The rule is that the girls can't watch. It will be humiliating enough without the giggles and comments from them.

I am also teaching a pottery lesson tomorrow. Maybe I will actually have a chance to make some things this weekend. I did hear back from the folks who have the kick wheel. I haven't been able to reach them yet, but I am hoping it will work out to bring the thing home this weekend. I made enough money selling some pieces that it will be almost paid for. I got my kiln hooked up, and want to have something make to fire. I want to try it out.

Claire is working on painting the basement. She is moving downstairs. The chosen color is just awful, but I can live with it for a few years. It looks like a (I can't think of a darn thing to compare it too)... It is this "berry pink". It's pretty dark. When she got it, I though it would look okay if she painted one wall and used a neutral color to dull it a bit. No! The whole room glows. Isn't pink supposed to be calming?

I'm off to start my weekend. I guess it will start with a trip back to school. The good part is I can cut a movie, or ballgame, on and get my work done while I watch. It should be fine.

Mom and Dad are at Donna's. Dad called and said they were having a great time, even though it's raining.

It's all good!

Claire at the last show of the season. We were taking a lunch break.

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