Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let the festivities begin...

School got out at 11:30 today. After riding a bus route for a little over an hour, I was free to start my Christmas vacation. It feels great.

At 6:00 the kids and I are supposed to be at John and Margaret's for the "Barn Christmas Party". No, it's not a barn theme, but all the families who board horses at their barn are invited to their house for a party. I have been making preparations.

Mom and I made bread basket liners with horses on them. They turned out great. I am also using my great-aunt's peanut brittle recipe to make a treat to go with the bread basket liner. I am also making dvd's as Christmas cards. It is pretty much the same one as I posted here.

Now I am waiting for Claire to get home. She drove to the store to do some shopping and I sent her to get a few things I need to finish up. She needs to hurry! I will start to feel panicked.

She's back, so I can breath and go make some more peanut brittle. I burned the heck out of my finger though.

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