Monday, July 04, 2005


First let me wish everyone a Happy Independence Day!

I spent the last few minutes with a help desk guru from Dell. I feel like a total idiot. Here is the story. I bought a laptop from them just over a year ago. Thought it would be the perfect tool to use at school and home. One of the first times I took it to school a rambunctious child went twirling across the room, knocked it off the table, and broke the screen. I immediately called Dell and when I was asked if I was sitting down, I knew I was in trouble. The screen was not covered for accidental breakage and was going to cost me $799. Being a single mom and a teacher, you can imagine that I don't have an extra $799 laying around, so I begged and even wrote a letter to Michael Dell to try to get it at least at the company cost. NO RESPONSE! (Note: I will not be buying from Dell again!) Anyway, forward to yesterday. I have my laptop turned PC hooked up to a monitor that I had for the PC that the laptop replaced. Yesterday I got a popup box from Dell that said I had a Critical Update. I read it and assumed that since it said that without it my system was probably going to crash, I should install the prescribed driver immediately. No problem. It finished and asked me to restart my computer. No problem. However, when I did that I had no monitor. Big problem.

Forward to today. I am taking that online class and need my computer desperately. I even took the computer out to a different monitor and the same problem occcured. I called Dell and as I was restarting my computer the help desk guy (from India of course) answered the phone. I sat there telling him my complaint and what do you know, there, right in front of my eyes, was my start up screen. Instead of sounding like the stupid idiot I was believing myself to be at that moment, I played along like it was still happening, and made him think he was a super genius. Who knows. He probably is.

Anyway, my computer demon is now gone. Hopefully not to your computer. I am back in business. YES!

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