Sunday, July 03, 2005

Another Rainy Sunday

Today I have determined to get some work done on an online class that I am taking through the North Carolina Museum of History. It is actually very interesting, but since it is summer, my kids are out of town, and I would rather be in SC, I am having to make myself work. I am waiting for some things to print right now. I figure if I carry it around with me, I might pull it out and work on it some. I will get it done. I have always been one of those people who pull marathon sessions at the last minute. I actually have more than a week left.

I miss my kids. They are traveling with my parents on an Alaskan Cruise. My sister and Nancy are also there. I miss them all! It was just a little out of my price range. I have talked to Campbell once. He was waiting to have pizza for breakfast. I sent them with cameras and journals, so hopefully I will get the full story when they get back. I have decided that I am going to get my passport and start saving some money so that the next opportunity that comes up to go somewhere there will be no excuse. Maybe St. Maarten?

I saw "War of the Worlds" a couple of days ago. Poor Dan! He probably has bruises on his arm from the grip I had on it the whole two hours. Most movies give you a little down time before they start with the butt clinching action, but not this one. They might have given 10 minutes and after that, forget it, and there was not a minute to relax for the next 2 hours. When I left I was tight from the top of my head to the top of my thighs. The movie was great, but I still hate Tom Cruise!

The rain is falling and the printing has a glitch, so I will get back to my work. My goal this week - PUTTING PRIORITIES IN ORDER. (Just for you DB. ) So, that is just what I am going to do right now!

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