Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Happy Berry

If you love blueberries, you should check this place out! I bought a gallon of some of the best I have ever eaten, but the berries were not the best part. This quaint farm is located in Six Mile, SC and while I was down there last week, I thought I would check it out. We are voracious berry eaters at my house, and I knew that bringing home a basket would make me a hero. I wish that the kids had been with me.

I drove down a winding rock road and up to a small parking area. There were blueberry bushes all around me that were taller than my head and had huge clusters of not ripe berries weighing down the branches. There were also blackberry bushes and a sign that said "Blackberry Lane" where there was a grassy path that went up to an old shed-like building that had a front porch. I chose to walk around by the gravel drive and came across several chickens wandering in the grass making a feast of the insects in the yard.

When I got to the shed, there were about 5 steps up to the porch and sitting there was an elderly farmer who was putting together berry baskets. Something under the porch caught my eye and I saw a little piglet stretched out in the cool dirt. I walked around to look and he grunted, but didn't get up. He was very happy with his spot on what had turned out to be a very hot day.

When I walked up the steps to find out about the blueberries, I couldn't help but think of my Grandpa. The farmer had on overalls similar to the ones I remember Grandpa wearing almost every day. He had a posture as he worked that reminded me of the way my grandfather would sit while he was doing things. It was very relaxed, but the work was constant and you could see that he had done it to automaticity. The gentleman was very friendly and I told him I was interested in blueberries and he helped me pick them out of the walk-in cooler. I got a gallon and also a quart of blackberries.

During our conversation the old man told me he "lost his sweetie" last week. His wife had just died of cancer. I promised to keep him in my prayers and he thanked me. I left wondering if I had helped him that day and hoped my visit was good for him. I know that it made me thankful for the people I love and to all of you , in case I haven't said it lately, "I LOVE YOU!"

If you think of it, please say a prayer for the Happy Berry Man.

The Happy Berry

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