Friday, June 17, 2005


It's been a busy day. I have gotten the grass cut and did a little plumbing project. Last year Campbell broke the front, outside spigot off and flooded the basement. Luckily there was a shutoff valve right there. It has taken me a whole year, but today I finally fixed it. Yes! All by myself. I even raised it up so that my watering can for my flowers can fit under. I hooked the hose up to it and fertilized the flower pots and the flower garden. I am feeling pretty handy. Best of all, NO LEAKS! I was terrified that I would cut the water on and little sprays would pop out all over the place. Not today!

I am getting ready to go to a shower for my friend Megan. She is getting married July 23. I am excited for her and the shower should be fun. First I must get the gas and grass smell off. It's into the shower for me and then to take Campbell to Mom and Dad's to spend the night.

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