Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Gone Fishing!

There is a great place that my kids and I love to go. The first reason is that my other favorite person in the world lives there and the second is that it is an incredibly beautiful place. Yesterday my son and I were lucky to be able to spend the whole day. He swam all morning and then fished in the evening. The fishing was quite interesting. First, I learned that he is pretty good at getting his hook on and putting a very squirmy worm on the line. I still get a little squimish when I have to do that with bare hands, but have learned over the years that an abandoned sock makes both baiting and getting fish off hooks much more palatable. He is very patient and was able to reel in a couple of fish. One was a catfish, which we had to get some help to get off the hook. (Thanks Dan!) The second was a large mouth bass. Campbell was excited and the car is already packed to go back this evening. We can't wait.

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