Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fabric Shopping with Kids

Tonight I went to a fabric store with my kids and my parents. My dad sat in the car the whole time. He was very patient and hopefully enjoyed the peace and quiet. Claire and Campbell went in because we were looking for fabric to make shades for their windows. We suffered through the torture and they actually found something that they seemed happy with. The objective was to match the fabric to the color that we just finished painting their rooms. That greatly limits the available choices, but after lots of "Yucks!" and " You have got to be kidding. That looks stupid." we came to a consensus. Campbell will have dogs on his windows. He is disappointed, however, that there was no yellow lab in the group, but we will add those in somewhere else. Claire, who has a very interesting sense of style, chose an opera goer theme. The colors are stunning and it is pretty cool. I think both will look good. Now I have a great excuse to pull out my sewing machine and loose myself in the rhythm of the needle going up and down. I would love to find a way to sew something that would be the next big hit and make me millions of dollars. If you have any great ideas you can send them my way.

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