Sunday, August 07, 2005

Yet again, another rainy Sunday.

Claire commented the other day that this had been the longest summer of her school career and it had rained every day. She isn't far from the truth and today is no exception. It is one of those Sunday afternoons where nothing seems better than a nap. I haven't given in to it yet, but the temptation is almost overpowering. Daisy has been overcome. She is lying on the bed, curled up with her tail over her nose. She is almost in a perfect circle and seems quite happy.

I just talked to Dan on the phone. He was burying himself in the covers of his bed with a kitten purring and making biscuits on his arm. He did manage to tell me that he saw the ducks this morning. There were a few weeks that we didn't see them at all and we feared that something had happened to them. Thankfully, they are fine. They are as big as mom now but continue to swim in a little floatilla. All five youngsters made it. They all look like females, however, there may be some boys in the bunch. I am not sure when they start to differentiate in color. I will have to find that out.

I am off to the store. Daisy needs food. She only has a few bits left in her bowl and her container is bare. Poor poor kitty!

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