Sunday, August 21, 2005

Summer Vacation is Over!

Tonight is my last little bit of summer. Tomorrow at 8 I will be at school sitting in the first staff meeting of the year. When that starts, the chaos will begin. There is a lot of anticipation about how this year will go. We have a completely new administrative staff. I am anxious about what new things will be implemented and how it will affect us. The waiting is over. We hit the road running in the morning.

My room is turned upside down, as most of our stuff was pulled out of storage for cleaning and left in the hall for us to deal with. I know it was needed, but the timing was terrible. We will have parents in there on Wednesday afternoon to meet us. Sorting through years of junk and deciding what to keep and what to trash is a lot to add on to the normal rush to get the room ready for "Meet the Teacher" and being ready to teach on Thursday morning. It will get done, but that's all that will be done for the next few days.

One of the last fun things that we did was go to the lake to swim. Claire was with the church youth group at lake Keowee and Campbell, Sam, Rusty and I joined her there The dogs loved the water. Sam just sits in the edge, or wades around and drinks. You would never know that he is a Lab and has webbed feet. Rusty did inherit the webbed feet, but he is a but skittish about the swimming. Campbell managed to coax him out and when he realized that he was actually swimming, he would turn around and head for shore. He was on a leash and Campbell would stretch out and body surf behind him as he swam. It was hysterical. Rusty is a very fast swimmer. I hope he will get so that he enjoys it as it is great exercise for him.

Better get to bed. The alarm clock has to be set and I have to get up in time to make lunch. I don't want to be grumpy and tired.

Goodbye summer...

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