Friday, August 12, 2005

Mystery Canisters

I have started storing some of my photos on Snapfish and they have bombarded me with new member perks. When you sign up you get 2o prints of digital photos free and they send you a mailer to process a roll of film free. I started looking around and found a couple of rolls of film in a basket with my unexposed rolls. I filled out the form and stuck them in the envelope and sealed it up. Since one is free the cost will only be $2.99. I figure that is pretty reasonable to find out what in the world I shot. I don't even know how long ago I took them. So the mystery canisters are going out in the mail this afternoon. I will be anxiously checking the mail to see what I thought was important or beautiful or inspiring at some point in my past.

I have been using my digital camera pretty exclusively, but this made me want to get my 35mm out and play with it some more. I love to take photos. I wish I were better so that I could make some money with it. I have thought about putting some of my better shots up for auction on ebay and seeing what happens. I guess I am afraid of rejection or something. I need to just take a big breath and try it. What can I loose?

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