Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tired but wound up.

I worked hard today. I went to school this morning and hit the floor running. My room is looking good. I get better at the set up process every year and I have even weeded out a ton of stuff that I will not use. That feels good. Tomorrow evening the kids and their parents will be there to meet me, so I should be in bed asleep, but I am wound up and felt like writing a little.

I must say that there is a guy out there who is the best friend I could ever ask for in addition to being just the best. Thank you again! You know who you are.

I was putting up a bulletin board, which is one part of my job I could do without. It takes too much time. I went to the workroom and cut out the letters to say "welcome to fourth grade". It takes more time than you would think, and I got them done and went back to my room. I had to put them down to go be on an interview team, and when I got back they were gone. I looked everywhere I could think of and they were nowhere to be found. I thought that the custodial staff had done an extra thorough job of cleaning up the area, becuase it had become the dumping ground for a couple of storage rooms that were cleaned. I laughed a bit as I stamped back down the hall to recut the letters. When I got back I put up the board and was admiring it as I moved a box to throw away. Right there were the letters. All 20 of them. I felt like the biggest doofus. The sadest part is it wasn't the first time and it won't be the last.

I am now starting the big fade. I have unwound and can hardly hold my eyes open. Good night and sweet dreams.

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